Bare Co PTO Shaft Cover small

73.80 60.00 + VAT

  • Length 1000mm to 1600mm
  • fits shafts with a yoke bearing groove diameter of 32mm to 53mm
  • Reusable
  • Easy Re-greasing
  • Safe
  • UV Resistant
  • Hard Wearing

More Information

The Bare Co PTO shaft guard is a unique guard that can be un-clipped from its bearing point at the yoke end and moved back along the shaft for easy greasing of the crosses. The innovative design of the Bare Co PTO guard allows the guard to be quickly pulled back to help safe engagement of end yokes and regular joint maintenance.

The Bare Co guard can easily be cut to desired length. The Bare Co shaft cover is claimed to be the safest PTO cover in the world, the cover can be reused over again for replacement shafts. It can be conveniently slipped off in minutes rather than an hour to re-grease the crosses inside will be worth a lot. All covers are provided with safety restraining chains.

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