G Coupler Lock-on grease coupler

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With a G Coupler grease coupler, you won’t be struggling anymore.


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Here’s why … 

The Alemite Zerk grease fitting nipple design revolutionised the chore of greasing joints.

Zerk compatible push-on, slotted and slide-on right angle grease coupler designs have been around for over 80 years.

This despite various weaknesses.

  • grease leaking out the sides of the coupler during greasing – leaving you wondering how much grease is going into the joint
  • the coupler detaching under pressure, forcing you to hold the coupler in place during greasing
  • the coupler locking onto the Zerk when back pressure remains in the delivery line, making it very difficult to remove
  • couplers typically have a short service life – they are regarded as a throw away consumable

It was time to take a fresh look at solving these problems.

The result? G Coupler. A game changing, patented lock-on grease gun coupler that solves all the above problems – simply and elegantly.


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